Food Is an Art Form: Feast of Fish and Veg for Eyes and Palate

A couple of weeks ago we visited our friend, Polly Castor, who lives in Connecticut. She is an artist in every sense of the word.

Polly has an abundance of energy; she blogs, paints, throws pottery, writes poems and boy does she cook! But that comes later in this post.

She currently has a huge one woman show with 80 paintings at the Community Arts Center in Southington, Connecticut. As you can see her paintings are full of movement and light and the show is open to the public until October 31. The works have wonderful names such as “July” (left bottom, above) and “Confidence” (right bottom, above). I honestly was intoxicated with the feast my eyes were devouring!

Her home is filled with the gorgeous pottery she designs. I actually own the sister to the piece the carrot is resting on. She sells the pottery as well as the paintings.

After we viewed the show, we went back to Polly’s house and she cooked up an absolutely delicious meal. But not only did it taste good – it was beautiful to look at. It was like we were eating edible art! The main was fish in a luxurious aioli type sauce – Mustard Roasted Tilapia It was accompanied by  Caramelized Butternut Squash which was so good that Roy had a second helping. The  salad with Roasted Beets, blood oranges, carrots, radish, jicama, blueberries, oak leaf lettuce had a great Strawberry Basil Dressing. For dessert, which – gasp! – I had two pieces, was Ginger, Carrot, Hazelnut Cake with Molasses Frosting.

Click on the links above to get to the recipes on Polly’s blog.

And if you are anywhere near Southington, Connecticut get yourself over to Polly’s show and feast your eyes!


And just for fun…



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